Top 4 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Edinburgh

With almost 500,000 inhabitants, Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and the largest urban zone in the country. If you plan to visit the beautiful city of Edinburgh in the near future, then you should know that it has a lot in store for its visitors. Here is a brief overview of the top 4 things to see in Edinburgh:

The Seat Of Arthur

Those who are passionate about history should certainly stop and take a look at the Seat of Arthur, one of the four hill forts. Dating back
more than two millennia ago, this is an area of great historical and cultural importance, and it is also a great place if you are a fan of romantic walks, beautiful parks and wildlife. Moreover, the intense volcanic activity in the area also add to the overall uniqueness of this site.

The National Museum Of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is an important attraction that no visitor to Edinburgh should miss, as here you can find exhibits from
the natural world, from the culture and history of Scotland to modern art and technology along with a wealth of entertaining activities for children. There is no better way to find out more about the history of this country than by visiting the National Museum of Scotland, not to mention that this tourist attraction is the perfect choice if you travel with your family.

The Old Town Of Edinburgh

If you are into history and architecture, then you should certainly visit the Old Town of Edinburgh, as this is the perfect place for shopping and city walk sightseeing. There are many walking areas around here, as this is the oldest neighborhood of the city (and it dates back to the medieval times). In addition to breath-taking architecture, here you can also find a variety of historical monuments, street shops, souvenir shops as well as pubs and cafe bars.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Located near one of the most crowded streets in the city (the well-known Princes Street), the Royal Botanic Gardens are another great tourist attraction for those who visit the city on a budget. There are over 30 hectares of unique species of plants and trees, and the informational system is very well-designed (there is even an audio guide here). Moreover, there are several restaurants and shops within the Royal Botanic Gardens, in case you get hungry: and the chances are that you will, there are many things to see here!

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