Hotels in Sunderland

Sunderland is a coastal city in Tyne and Wear on the East of England which has recently gone through a significant period of regeneration and is now a
bustling cosmopolitan destination especially for sports and music lovers! If you are planning on visiting Sunderland you should consider spending a little
more time there than originally planned and book a cheap hotel in Sunderland then go and explore.

The sport of the city is of course football and this is celebrated with the Sunderland Stadium of Light, a 49,000 seater stadium one of the best in the UK.
When the stadium is not filled with football fans you can take tours of the stadium or enjoy some of the top music acts performing on their tours. One of the most popular and notable acts to have performed at the Stadium of Light is of course Take That which certainly
placed the stadium on the popular music map!

Sunderland attracts the young crows looking for a great night out and the city has been noted in NME as having one of the best underground music scenes in
the United Kingdom.

Sunderland is the one of the few cities north of London other than Manchester which has a big enough theatre to stage touring west end events. The
Sunderland Empire has held some of the top theatre shows in the country as well as music and comedy events.

If you have an interest in the local history you will be pleased to discover that the city has a rich and diverse industrial city going as far back as the
Anglo Saxon era when the city was founded. There are lots of historical places of interest, museums and attractions around

There is a sufficient selection of hotels in Sunderland city centre and the outskirts to cater for the majority of visitors and their reason for visiting
the city whether it is for a party weekend or simply a quiet weekend on the coast and surrounding countryside.

Visiting with a budget to stick to is easy with the cheap hotels in Sunderland and during your search you will find budget chain hotels and small
independently run establishments. The budget chain hotels in Sunderland are Travelodge which is directly in the centre of the city and on top of a night
club so perfect for those party go-ers or groups and should perhaps be avoided by those that like the quiet. Premier Inn has two hotels on the west side of
the city with one located on the side of the A19 and behind the Nissan Car Factory so ideal if you happen to be visiting the city for business purposes.

The most well-known luxury hotel in Sunderland is the Sunderland Marriott, a four star rated hotel on the Sunderland coast which means it gets to take
advantage of the location and beautiful sea views, the perfect sight to get your day started.