Hotels in Oxford

Oxford is conveniently located 50 miles north of London but a world away from the busy city, in Oxford you will find beautiful architecture, parks and trees lining many streets and importantly lots of things to see and do!

The history is defined by the world class university but there is more than just students that are attracted to the city, throughout the modern day history of England Oxford has played a significant part in some of the developments in politics and particularly religion and you can now delve into this history when you visit Oxford. The museums, theatres, guided tours and cathedrals all tell the story of the years gone by and show you how Oxford came to be.

The sights of the city include Oxford Castle, a monumental masterpiece that now is home to shops, a hotel, museums and street markets. The majority of the castle has been preserved and daily tours take you through the history and some significant points such as the use of the castle as HM Prison Oxford. With two rivers running through the city, The Cherwell and The Thames there is lots of activity in the Oxford surrounding these which you can enjoy whether it’s the boat race, simply taking a rowing boat up the Cherwell or getting involved in some of the major angling events.

The amount of tourists, students and other visitors to the city means Oxford needs enough hotels to cater to a wide range of requirements so thanks to this you should be able to find the perfect hotel for you and your trip to Oxford.

Budget hotels are available but they can still command quite a high room rate so it is important to compare hotel prices to get the best deal! The main hotels in Oxford city centre are quite luxurious and this is thanks to the likes of MacDonald Randolph hotel. Although the hotel has a 5 star rating some of the basic standard rooms can be stayed in for only £125 per night which is exceptionally competitive considering the £100 per night cost of many of the actual budget, 3 star hotels! Other luxury hotels in Oxford include Malmaison, a four star hotel which is actually situated within the historic Oxford Castle and The Old Bank Hotel.

The Royal Oxford Hotel is a three star independent hotel in the city centre, so therefore just a matter of a short walk to the museums, colleges and parks of the city. Rooms are very competitively priced and range from standard single up to family rooms.

Outside of the city centre there are additional hotels from chain hotels such as Holiday In and Travelodge both in the north of Oxford and several country house hotels and guest houses in the surrounding countryside, perfect if you want to spend your break relaxing in beautiful scenery and luxury spas.