Hotels in Newcastle

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Newcastle is known as the commercial and industrial centre of the North East of England, It has one of the UK’s busiest ports as well as some of the liveliest nightlife’s in the UK. Whether you are after a budget hotel in Newcastle or a cheap hotel in Newcastle there is something for you on our website. We also offer exclusive Newcastle hotel deals and Newcastle hotel offers which you can see once you have put your dates of stay in the search box above.

‘Tyne and Wear’ is maybe one of the most unexpected names that always remind people of something interesting. Sunderland is located in ‘Tyne and Wear’; a famous tourist attraction for people going to the U.K. Even though some of the places in this area can be a little heavy on an average traveler’s wallet, the overall package is worth it and there are loads of hotels in Newcastle upon Tyne for you to choose from.

If this is your first time visiting Sunderland, you will need a little bit of a virtual tour. Starting off with the city’s ancient historical findings, which are a strong indicator of the Iron Age, Sunderland used to be a famous port for merchants and weary travelers.  

The age old rusty walls still resonate with an unknown ambience and cheerful songs that sailors used to sing once. Nonetheless, the following landscapes and sights will offer you an exhilarating experience that will last for a lifetime!

The Department for Culture is heavily funding a chain of museums, parks, gardens and open spaces in Sunderland. These places hold annual shopping galas, pep rallies and welcome notes for tourists who are looking for a mix of culture, antiquities and solid traditions as well as those that are looking for a high level of quality accommodation when searching for hotels in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Shopping Tip: Sunderland Lustreware Pottery holds an exotic collection of replicas and souvenirs for travelers who have a knack for collecting rare items.

There isn’t much of a “park” element left in the Oxford International Business Park. This entire area is surrounded by buildings and giant business conglomerates, such as T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom and Citi Group. However, if you are interested in a flurry of technology oriented sights, this place has it all.

The High Street West area in Sunderland is overlooking a different variety of theaters at the moment. Speaking of the Sunderland Empire Theater; it is being managed and funded by Live Nation UK, which makes it one of the biggest entertainment venues. With a seating capacity of 1800 spectators and a giant 90 Ft. high tower to boast about, the Sunderland Empire Theater is well known for its amazing heart wrenching performances.

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