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As Leicester is a popular tourist attraction for people traveling to East Midlands it is not a massive shock that there are lots of hotels in Leicester to choose from. Specifically speaking, it’s the country town area of Leicester that is the main source of attention. The credit goes to grassy knolls, grazing lands and a lot of fine hunting opportunities for live hearted folks from all over the world.
Known as the former county of Rutland, the place now falls within the boundaries of Leicester, while being able to retain its unique individuality. The history of Leicester is quite rich – so much so that the sands of time that sit in this region date back to 1485 when the infamous Battle of Bosworth Field was fought for the crown.

All that is left of those tumultuous chains of incidents is a castle, a few foaming mugs of ale and main visitor spots that are bedecked with tons of interesting things. Take a look below at the list of main attractions to see while you’re visiting Leicester.
Thinking of starting your first day of vacation with a little surge of adrenaline rush? Not only are the bowling clubs in Leicester suitable for families and couples, but self-proclaimed “professional” bowlers can also take a shot at ten pin bowling, if you are looking to visit  the city there are loads of hotels in Leicester for you to choose from that are near these places to bowl.
Leicester doesn’t have a lot of cinemas to brag about. Some people think of this ‘scarcity’ as a good thing because they’ve always wanted to get away from movies and Imax theaters. In other words, what good is a vacation when you are going to be spending hours on end watching movies in a cinema?
Needless to say, tourists who are looking to watch movies on the big screen can go to Vue, Cineworld or the Odean.

When you start to look for Leicester hotels you will find there are many places for you to choose from because the city has such a thriving tourist industry. As you can see from this write up there are many things to see and do which is why when you are looking for Leicester hotels there is something for everyone, no matter where abouts you want to stay in the city and what your budget is.

In the tourism industry, places with parks and open spaces have always been in demand. Fortunately, besides offering top class eateries in the City Center, Leicester is brimming with an intoxicating nightlife for club goers as well as many different hotels in Leicester.
Being a tad bit under the influence of Asian culture, you can expect to get a taste of Indian, Chinese and Japanese dishes. You can easily search for a Leicester hotel via Google and even a search for ‘Leicester hotels’ should be enough to point you in the right direction of what you are looking for.
Finally, the National Space Center is yet another area of Leicester that was recently titled, “Visitor Attraction of The Year”. Don’t forget to spend a few hours there while you are there, you could even find a hotel in Leicester nearby!