Hotels in Belfast

As a popular tourist
city it will probably come as no surprise to anyone that there are loads of
hotels in Belfast for you to choose from. The remnants of some of the toughest
times can still be seen and felt in Belfast today; a city known as “The Sandy
Ford at the Mouth of The River”. People love Belfast not because of its war
trodden history; they love it because they have a strong connection to this

Tourists, on the other
hand, fancy what this eleventh biggest conurbation has to offer in the form of
souvenirs, sights and sounds, and tons of interesting things to do. The
following tips and guidelines about Belfast will help you get familiar with
famous places and activities in this intoxicating region.

There is so much to see and
do whilst you are here that it is wise to book into a luxury Belfast while you
are here in order to make the most of your time here. It doesn’t matter what
type of accommodation you are seeking there will be hotels in Belfast to suit.

For those that want to
take in a sense of history the 19th Century Victorian buildings
emanate a strong ambience for diehard fans of architectural artwork. Some of
the structures date back to 1906, while others were finished in later phases of

Don’t forget to visit Ulster
Bank (1860) on Waring Street, the Linenhall Library (1788) on Donegall Square,
and the general Cathedral Quarter areas. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that
Belfast takes pride in its age-old construction history.

Whatever you want to do
whilst you are here there will be nearby Belfast hotels for you to check in
too. This means that you can easily find accommodation near to whatever part of
the city you most want to enjoy. Interested in a mug of ale, alongside a dose
of forgotten tales of horror and mystery about ships? Harland and Wolff have it
all. This dry dock was once quite famous for being the historic place where the
infamous Titanic was built – only to be doomed on its first venture.

Samson and Goliath; two giant
cranes can be seen from a decent distance while you are headed to this
shipyard. These mechanical giants lend an unforgettable backdrop to the overall
look and feel of the location.

When it comes to hotels
in Belfast there are plenty of options for you to choose from. The iconic
patrons of Europa Hotel, Royal Courts of Justice and Crown Liquor Saloon like
to live and walk by their love for alcohol (not always though…). You can easily
hear someone saying, “God Loves a Drinker” before they chug down a mouth full
of sweet mead.

As far as Europa Hotel
is concerned, even though it has been bombed 27 times, the building still
stands tall and mighty against anything that comes its way.

Last but not the least,
the Golden Mile and the Belfast Zoo are certainly not the places to be passed
up on. Enjoy your tour and take a boatload of photographs to capture every
moment of your life.  So if you are looking for Belfast hotels make
sure you explore all of your options because you are bound to find something
that suits you.